What Is Team Ganja Sports

What is Team Ganja Sports? You’ve got questions, we have answers. If you can’t find it here fire off an email and a real person will promptly respond. Go ahead, ask us anything!

TEAM GANJA SPORTS answers all your ‘burning’ questions.

Do you sell marijuana (weed, pot, reefer, grass, dope, ganja, hash, herb, chronic, nug, bud, dank, flower)?

Team Ganja Sports sells sustainable apparel for triathlon, cycling mountain biking and other endurance sports as well as casual clothing. While we endorse, support, and actively lobby for decriminalization and reform of marijuana laws, we do not sell or promote the inhaling or consumption of marijuana and marijuana products. We DO market and sell CBD Oil as well as clothing and other products made from hemp.

What makes Team Ganja Sports an eco-fashion brand?

Great question, glad you asked! We strictly adhere to the standards of multiple industry associations and trade groups dedicated to a standardized supply chain measurement tool for all industry participants to understand the environmental and social and labor impacts of making and selling their products and services.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with one of our products, you may return it within one year of purchase for a refund. After one year, we will consider any items for return that are defective due to materials or craftsmanship.

We require proof of purchase to honor a refund or exchange. If you provide us your information when you check out, we will typically have a record of your purchase. Otherwise, we require a physical receipt.

Please include your proof of purchase with the products you wish to return or exchange and bring it with you to any of our stores, or include it in your package of returned item(s). We will reimburse the original purchase price to either your original method of payment or as a merchandise credit.

Allow up to two weeks to receive your refund from the time we receive your package. In most cases, we will refund the original payment method. Gift recipients will receive merchandise credit.

Return shipping is $6.50 per package.

Do you sell other types of clothing

Currently we offer natural fiber T-shirts, cycling kits and jerseys, and hats however Team Ganja Sports will be adding new products all of the time. It is a slower than typical process because we have to ensure our suppliers and vendors meet the high standards of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and our own Quality Assurance standards.

We are always looking for suggestions for new products so please email us if you are looking for a particular item or have a recommendation to add to our sustainable apparel and fitness gear lines.

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