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Helping you. Helping the Planet.®Eco-fashion sports apparel by Team Ganja Smokin the Competition® ladies t-shirt

Sustainable casual apparel for the conscious consumer. Team Ganja helps you reduce pollution and improve the environment where you live and work. It is up to all of us to make a difference.

Team Ganja is an eco-fashion brand designed and manufactured for optimal performance and comfort. Team Ganja is the brand people trust for high quality, sustainable apparel. You get the quality you need and the peace of mind you want. Sustainability is more than a marketing term; it is the foundation of all we do.

We have cool ganja gear hats that rock while showing your support for the environment. And if we don’t have an item you want, shoot us an email and we’ll try to get if for you!

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Smokin the Competition® Hoodie


Team Ganja 'Smokin the Competition®' Hat

$26.95 $16.17

Team Ganja Ladies T-Shirt

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